Caring Senior Move specializes in assisting older adults and their families, in East Tennessee counties, Blount, Knox and Loudon, 

with the entire process of moving to a new residence, or, in some cases, with downsizing to remain in their current home, referred to

as "aging-in-place". We provide support with the emotional and physical aspects of sorting through a lifetime of memories during this 

transition. We do much more than merely sort belongings, oversee the packing and the moving of boxes. With lots of encouragement,

strong boosts of energy and enthusiasm, we will remove as much of the stress, anxiety and hard work as possible out of the moving

process for the client and family members. This will ensure a joyful transition to a healthier and better senior lifestyle.  

At Caring Senior Move we understand that moving is very hard for all, but especially for the elderly.  Research has proven that for the most positive outcome, it is vital to: 

  • Involve older adults in the planning and decision process
  • Provide older adults with opportunities to ask questions and discuss concerns
  • Honor older adults' preferences, allowing them to maintain control
  • Pay strict attention to detail and maintain the older adult's daily routine ​
  • Safeguard personal possessions
  • Involve older adult in setting up new home
  • Make new home as similar as possible to the previous location
  • Assist the older adult in acclimating to the new environment

The benefit of using Caring Senior Moves is that we will accomplish the criteria listed above while teaming with family members

who will then be able to focus on what they do best, attending to the needs of the person in transition.

Caring Senior Move owners have received training from the National Association

of Senior Move Managers and are a current member.